1911 Families

The new Micro family of .380 ACP pistols put power and legendary Kimber dependability in a small 1911-style platform. Mild recoil and simple operation make them an ideal choice for many shooters. Four models are offered, providing a selection of features that meet virtually any need. Collectively, they are the finest .380 ACP pistols anyone can carry.

The Micro Carry has a matte black non-reflective finish to aid concealability. Edges are rounded and blended to avoid snags, and black rubber grips aid control. Like all Micro pistols, it has an aluminum frame and stainless steel barrel. The Micro Carry Stainless goes a step farther, adding a stainless steel slide for additional resistance to moisture and salt. Both CDP models are built in the Kimber Custom Shop to exacting specifications and feature night sights, checkering on the front strap and mainspring housing, stainless steel controls and an ambidextrous thumb safety. The Micro CDP (LG) also includes Crimson Trace Lasergrips.