1911 Families

Just for fun. Shooting a 1911 chambered in .22 LR is great practice and an ideal way to train new shooters. It is also affordable. A Kimber conversion kit for an existing 1911 pays for itself in the first few hundred rounds.

Kimber rimfire pistols have the same features and unequaled performance as Kimber centerfires. Adjustable sight, bumped beavertail grip safety and extended thumb safety are standard. Aluminum slides and frames make rimfire pistols exceptionally light—ideal for young shooters. Conversion kits work with all Kimber .45 ACP pistols that have either 4- or 5-inch barrels and single stack magazines. They also fit most brands of 1911 pistols, provided they are mil-spec, single stack, and do not have a ramped barrel. (For fit information, call Kimber at 888-243-4522.) Conversion kits can be purchased directly from Kimber as they are not classified as a firearm.


Model Height (Inches) Length (Inches) Width (Inches) Weight (Ounces) Magazine Capacity Recoil Spring (Pounds)
Rimfire Target (black) 5.25 8.7 1.28 23 10 -
Rimfire Target (silver) 5.25 8.7 1.28 23 10 -
Rimfire Super 5.25 8.7 1.28 23 10 -