1911 Families

Ready for anything. Kimber Tactical pistols have the performance-enhancing features demanded by law enforcement professionals. Available in a range of configurations, they cover everything from tactical response to concealed carry. All are available in .45 ACP, and the Tactical Pro II is also offered in 9 mm.

Meprolight night sights—standard. Front strap and trigger guard checkering—standard. Extended ambidextrous thumb safety—standard. Kimber Tactical pistols are no-compromise, purpose-built pistols that leave nothing out, and Kimber quality brings it all together in five different platforms. Three full-size versions exceed all traditional and tactical law enforcement requirements. Compact models cover everything else. Like all Kimber pistols, each has rounded and blended edges to prevent snagging, along with match grade barrels, chambers and triggers. No other pistol design equals the 1911 for true tactical performance; and no 1911 brand matches the quality and dependability of Kimber.

Model Height (Inches) Length (Inches) Width (Inches) Weight (Ounces) Magazine Capacity Recoil Spring (Pounds)
Tactical Ultra II 5.00 6.8 1.28 26 7 18
Tactical Pro II (9 mm) 5.50 7.7 1.28 29 9 22
Tactical Pro II (.45 ACP) 5.50 7.7 1.28 29 7 14
Tactical Custom II 5.50 8.7 1.28 32 7 16
Tactical Custom HD II 5.50 8.7 1.28 39 7 16
Tactical Entry II 5.50 8.7 1.28 40 7 16