Ultra TLE II

Ultra TLE II

Light weight and short barrel make it easy to carry—special features make it hard to beat

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Match grade ramped 3-inch bushingless bull barrel for unequaled Kimber accuracy
Front strap checkering (30 lines per inch) ensures a positive grip, regardless of conditions
Extended beavertail grip safety and thumb safety for fast, positive operation
Self-illuminating Tritium night sights glow without batteries or charging, a low light tactical advantage
Compact lightweight aluminum frame for easier carry and concealment


  • Caliber: .45 ACP
  • Height (inches) 90° to barrel: 4.75
  • Weight (ounces) with empty magazine: 25
  • Length (inches): 6.8
  • Magazine capacity: 7
  • Recoil spring (pounds): 18.0
  • Full-length guide rod


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Finish: Kimpro II
  • Width (inches): 1.28
  • Front strap checkering


  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Matte black


  • Length (inches): 3
  • Material: Steel, match grade
  • Twist rate (left hand): 16
  • Ramped


  • Meprolight Tritium 3-dot night sight, fixed
  • Radius (inches): 4.8


  • Black synthetic
  • Double diamond


  • Aluminum, match grade
  • Factory setting (approximate pounds): 4.0 - 5.0