Kimber was founded with the sole purpose of building the finest classic sporting rifles ever offered in America. Knowledgeable riflemen were quick to try one, liked what they saw and spread the word. Today, Kimber rifles are favored by many of the world's most accomplished hunters and shooters, and limited production keeps people standing in line to buy them.

Kimber rifles offer a combination of features that set them apart from all other production brands. Barrels, chambers and triggers hold critical match grade dimensions for accuracy. Pillar and glass bedding ensures both accuracy and strength. Walnut stocks are finished and checkered by hand, and Kevlar-carbon fiber stocks are the finest available on a production rifle. As with Kimber pistols, all work is done inside the Kimber factory—the only way to ensure quality.

Only accurate rifles are interesting. True enough, but accurate rifles with hand-finished classic stocks, crisp triggers and action sizes designed specifically for the family of cartridges they chamber is something special. Only Kimber rifles offer these advantages.


In addition to the classic design and performance features of the Kimber Model 84 rifle, Hunter rifles feature a detachable four-round box magazine and a lightweight all-weather stock. Like all Kimber rifles, the Hunter is guaranteed under the Kimber Sub-MOA Accuracy Standard.



Kimber’s traditional big game rifles offer an unequaled combination of features, elegance and performance. All actions have minimal dimensions for the cartridges they chamber, permitting a trim overall profile that reduces weight by as much as 2 pounds.



A true mountain rifle must be light and accurate. Hardcore hunters understand. Montana, Adirondack and Mountain Ascent models are the lightest production big game rifles ever offered, delivering legendary Kimber accuracy yet weighing as little as 4 pounds, 13 ounces.


Dangerous Game

Kimber dangerous game rifles deliver unwavering dependability and charge-stopping energy. Equally important, they have critical features absent from other production rifles in heavy calibers. The Caprivi is designed for Africa and the Talkeetna is ready for the unpredictable weather of Alaska – places where Kimber quality takes on a whole new level of importance.



Varmint rifles must deliver pinpoint accuracy with absolute consistency regardless of field conditions. Kimber varmint rifles ensure this level of performance through a combination of match grade components, careful bedding and proper design. Five specialized models cover it all, from predator calling to working from a stand.



Kimber builds five no-compromise tactical rifles to meet the requirements of military or law enforcement professionals. In these arenas, the need for accuracy and dependability takes on new meaning. From a short, light configuration for fast deployment to three new heavier models with advanced features for long-range precision, Kimber tactical rifles are ready for anything.