Rifle Families

Sense of purpose. Kimber tactical rifles are built for real-world law enforcement and military use. Accuracy is paramount and absolute dependability is not negotiable. Each of the five models has specialized features for specific applications. All have match grade barrels, chambers and triggers.

The Model 84M LPT is a lightweight urban tactical rifle that places a priority on both portability and quick deployment. The new Model 8400 Patrol is chambered in .308 Win. A heavy 20-inch barrel retains accuracy and makes it easier to clear from a vehicle door or trunk. The full-size Model 8400 Police Tactical offers the stability of a laminated stock with beavertail forend, along with Kimber quality at a surprising price. Model 8400 Tactical and Model 8400 Advanced Tactical rifles are built by hand in limited quantities. Each features a trued bolt face, hand-finished chamber, handlapped lugs, custom glass bedding and a McMillan stock. The Model 8400 Advanced Tactical is finished in Desert Tan KimPro II for superior resistance to the elements.