July 2017

  1. Micro 9 Desert Tan Reviewed

    Micro 9 Desert Tan Reviewed
    We recently came across a YouTube video distributed by Andrew from @GY6vids In this 27 minute video, Andrew does a full review of the Micro 9 Desert Tan and puts the firearm through a pretty extensive torture test. Feel free to check it out and pass it on - other than a few failures to go into battery (when the...
  2. Subalpine takes on the Sonoran

    Subalpine takes on the Sonoran
    Stepping across the US border into the wilderness of the Sonoran Desert, our trip to test out gear soon turned into much more By Rachel VandeVoort, Kimber Trade Relations Manager Photos by Lee Kjos I think it is Hollywood that has forever etched the notion of “desert” into our brains. The Sonoran Desert is less of these stereotypical deserts and...
  3. Don't Forget the Tac-Mag!

    Don't Forget the Tac-Mag!
    A KimPro® Tac-Mag® makes the perfect add-on sale KimPro® magazines are a versatile, revenue boosting add-on sale that maximize the performance of any 1911 pistol — they are dollar for dollar the best high quality magazine value on the market. Why a Kimber Tac Pro Magazine?  The benefits are many: KimPro Tac-Mags are machined from stainless steel, which is stronger...

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