We're pleased to announce we have partnered with Brandlive to create a variety of product videos, feature highlights, and new release videos on our products for all our dealers.

We have transitioned over to Brandlive to also offer you our updated Kimber Elite Program. Kimber Elite is offered to all Master Dealer employees with specialty pricing specific to this program.

Along with what is currently available, we'll be creating more tools for you and your team to learn more about our products as time goes by. Some of these events will be live broadcast and if you're present you can ask questions while we're on air! The best way to ensure you don't miss out is to create a user profile. We created a short video to help you set that up.

Check out this short video on how to access our new Brandlive Dealer Portal

Click here to reach the Brandlive Dealer Portal

We'll keep the Brandlive link at the top of the right hand sidebar so you'll always have quick access when you need to catch the next event.