1. New for 2019 Products

    New for 2019 Products
    Today is the day! All of our 2019 New Products are now available to order through their Kimber Sales representative. Leading our 2019 product lineup is the brand new all metal construction striker-fired EVO SP. With four models in this initial release, we believe the EVO SP is the ideal choice for shooters that demand a dependable, feature-packed, compact-size firearm with...
  2. Pure Imagination

    Pure Imagination
    A glimpse at what it takes to produce the world’s finest firearms By D. Faubion Photos by Sean Utley Operations manager Bill Southward greeted us at the entrance. “You are a lucky group,” he said excitedly. “Generally, we do not allow non-employees inside of the factory.” I felt like Charlie entering the chocolate factory as we entered the rarely seen place...
  3. Make Your Shooting Range Great

    Make Your Shooting Range Great
    Does your store have a range? If so, be sure to sign up for the Kimber Range Program. This program offers Master Dealers six range guns per year for 15% below Master Dealer pricing. Because range guns can take enormous amounts of use, Kimber encourages you to refresh these guns each year. Give your customers the opportunity to see the...
  4. Wheelgun

    The Kimber K6s Stainless .357 magnum is positioned to become the preeminent American-made steel-frame snubnose revolver By Joel J. Hutchcroft of Shooting Times Kimber always comes up with exciting guns, but the brand-new K6s® Stainless double-action revolver takes the prize. That’s right. I said revolver. Snubnose revolvers are about as American as apple pie, the Fourth of July and the...

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