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Kimber Expands Micro 9 Product Line

YONKERS, N.Y.,  — Kimber Mfg., Inc., a leading American firearms manufacturer, today announced the expansion of its Micro 9 product line to include five (5) new variants. The Micro 9 is a premium micro-compact carry pistol chambered in 9MM.

Introduced in January of this year, the Micro 9 blends Kimber dependability with superior design, offering sought-after small-scale 1911 ergonomics, a single action trigger, superior safety features, all-metal construction and American-made quality.

The Micro 9 barrel and slide are machined from stainless steel for superior resistance to moisture, while the frame is shaped from the finest aluminum for integrity and strength. One of the most important Micro 9 design advantages is the single action trigger with a short, smooth pull that ensures accuracy and confidence. The thumb safety, slide release and magazine release are pure 1911 in design. Other standard features include a lowered and flared ejection port for flawless ejection and a beveled magazine well for fast, positive loading. Sights are steel —not plastic— and mounted in machined dovetails for additional durability.

“Micro 9 set a new level of expected quality when we launched the platform earlier this year,” said Winslow Potter, director of product marketing. “With the addition of these new line-extensions, we’re confident that Micro 9 will better suit our customers’ specific needs and individual personalities.”

The new Micro 9 models follow Kimber’s formula executed in other platforms, and include; the Micro 9 CDP (MSRP: $924), Micro 9 CDP (LG) (MSRP $1,142), Micro 9 Stainless Raptor (MSRP $889), Micro 9 Bel Air (MSRP $864), and Micro 9 Sapphire (MSRP $1,061). These models will be available from Kimber Master Dealers in the coming weeks.

Kimber Mfg., Inc. is an American company that designs and manufactures premium firearms for individual, sporting, law enforcement and military markets. Complete information on Kimber firearms, accessories and Less-Lethal products is available at or by phone from Kimber in-house staff at +1 (888) 243-4522. A detailed product catalog is available upon request. Kimber can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.


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