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Kimber® Releases Striker Fired Family of Handguns - Evo SP™

For Immediate Release

YONKERS, N.Y., November 14, 2018 — Kimber Mfg., Inc., a leading American firearms manufacturer, announced last week the addition of a completely new for 2019 Product Line, EVO SP™.

With a cutting edge yet functional design, Kimber’s new EVO SP was designed to be the top of the line choice in subcompact concealed carry pistols. The striker-fired EVO SP is the ideal choice for shooters that demand a dependable, feature-packed, compact-size firearm with the benefits of all metal construction for reduced muzzle rise. EVO SP was machined to the tightest allowable tolerances in conjunction with multiple hands on human factors testing to ensure the best possible user experience before finalizing the design. The EVO SP is available in 4 different models, EVO SP Custom Shop, CDP, TLE, and Two-Tone are all chambered in 9mm.

The features that can be found across all of these models are the innovative grip system, which eliminates the need for specialty hardware and the hazard of overtightening screws, a magazine release that can be configured for right or left-handed shooters, a striker indicator that allows for both a visual and physical confirmation the striker is cocked, disassembly with no trigger press, ledged tritium night sights for single hand manipulations and a sight picture no matter the light conditions, and a 6-7lb trigger with crisp reset. The aluminum alloy frame provides overall integrity and a rigid platform for the stainless-steel FNC finished barrel and slide to pair with, as well as a flared ejection port for enhanced ejection, and a beveled magazine well for fast, positive loading.

EVO SP CS (Custom Shop) boasts features like Stiplex front and rear cocking serrations, Stiplex front strap checkering, G10 Stiplex-inspired black and gray grips and backstrap, ledged tritium night sights with high contrast front ring, matching frame cuts to accent the slide and overall appearance. EVO SP CS (Custom Shop) MSRP $1047.

EVO SP (TLE) features a matte black KimPro II on the frame finish for a subdued look coupled with the TLE style grip panels and aggressive backstrap checkering. EVO SP (TLE) MSRP $925

EVO SP (CDP) Custom Defense Package combines all the standard EVO SP features coupled with a heavy duty set of G10 grip panels and backstrap with diamond checkering to allow for better purchase on your firearm. The frame features Kimber’s custom carry melt treatment and is finished with KimPro II Charcoal Gray. EVO SP (CDP) MSRP $949

EVO SP (TWO TONE) combines the factory installed Tritium night sights, a smooth consistent trigger, and match grade deep crown barrel all for a competitive price. EVO SP (TWO TONE) features nylon grips with diamond checkering as well as front and back strap checkering. Included in the box will be 3 different size grip panels and two different size back straps, allowing the consumer to customize this firearm to their preference. EVO SP (TWO-TONE) MSRP $856.

All EVO SP models ship with two 7-round magazines from Kimber’s factory.

Kimber’s EVO SP is the ideal choice for shooters that demand compact size matched with stopping power you can depend on. For more information on the EVO SP and the innovative grip system, please visit


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Jordan Hunter, Director, Marketing Communications