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Kimber Announces R7 Mako Promotion

TROY, AL, June 22, 2022 —Kimber Mfg. Inc. is excited to announce a new promotion featuring the highly decorated R7 Mako. Since its introduction in August of 2021, the groundbreaking Kimber R7 Mako has disrupted the micro-compact pistol market by taking home some of the firearm industry’s most coveted awards.

This new promotional opportunity from Kimber is an incredible value and gives the customer the eligibility to add a holster or another accessory to their R7 setup at little to no cost. The purchaser of a new R7 Mako (Optics Installed OI) model will receive $100 merchandise credit for use on the Kimber Store ( or if you select a new R7 Mako (Optics Ready OR) you will receive $50 merchandise credit. This promotion is designed to deliver more availability to R7 Mako accessories as well as additional Kimber products for new and existing Kimber owners.
The R7 Mako is built around several innovative features. A solid top strap eliminates any interference with the Optics Installed sight picture. Fully ambidextrous controls provide ease of use for right or left-handed shooters. The R7 Mako’s unique lock-up design and Performance Carry Trigger™ deliver the perfect match for unparalleled accuracy. Kimber’s proprietary finishing process and FNC hard coating elevates durability and performance. Additionally, the R7 Mako is available with 10,12 (11+1) or 14 (13+1) round capacities. Patent Pending grip texture as well as the ability to co-witness the iron sights with the factory-installed Crimson Trace® CTS-1500 Reflex Sight on Optics Installed models, round out a pistol that is second to none in the micro-compact pistol category.

In order to be eligible for this promotion from Kimber, the individual must confirm their purchase on Kimber’s website; from there, the Kimber Customer Service team will verify the purchase. The individual will then receive a discount code via email, which they will enter at checkout on the Kimber online store and get the respective $100 or $50 credit. This discount will come with a one-time use code, and no remaining funds will be available to use on the Kimber Store once the credit is applied. This promotion will run from June 21, 2022, to August 31, 2022. The credit can only be applied online at the Kimber Store and cannot be used for phone orders or redeemed for cash value.

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