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Kimber Announces Micro 9 Tac-Mag™ Promotion

TROY, AL, May 6, 2022--- Kimber, Mfg. is excited to announce a new protion: Retail customers get a free 7- round Tac-Mag™ -which has a value of $53.95- with all new Micro 9 pistol purchases. Once completed, the individual must confirm their purchase on Kimber's website; from here the Kimber customer service team will verify the purchase. The individual will then receieve a discount code via email to receive a free Micro 9 Tac-Mag™ for their new Micro 9, which they will enter at checkout on the Kimber online store. This discount will include free shipping for the Tac-Mag™, as well. This promotion will last from May 1, 2022, to August 31, 2022, and the promotion will be active on the Kimber website on May 11, 2022 (all new Micro 9 purchases made between May 1 and May 11 will still bbe eligible for the promotion).

This new premium, high-performance Tac-Mag™ for Micro 9 handguns (built for both standard and RAPIDE Micro 9 variants) uses premium components, including a Teflon-coated follower and a chrome-silicon alloy steel spring to further improve reliability. The Tac-Mag™ also provides a base pad featuring a finger extension to help provide shooters with superior recoil control due to gripping surface area and leverage on the gun’s easily concealed frame; this finger extension ensures faster follow-up shots and enhanced accuracy. For more information, visit

1200851A Micro 9, 7-Round TacMag™ (Not for use in RAPIDE Micro 9 pistols)


1200930A Micro 9, 7-Round RAPIDE TacMag™ (Not for use in standard Micro 9 pistols)


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